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Yin dee dtôn ráp

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Bangkok – or Krungthep, as the Thai call their capital – means City of Angels, and is without a doubt the most vibrant metropolis in Southeast Asia. It’s hot, polluted, chaotic and thrills with energy, yet the laid-back Thai lifestyle makes it so you’ll never feel too hurried. Of course, the superb spa treatments and almost divine massages you can treat yourself to at more or less every street corner certainly help you linger just a little bit longer in that lazy chilled-out modus.

Bangkok is the perfect melting pot between the East and the West: towering skyscrapers jostle for space in the jumbled skyline, gleaming malls are filled with the latest designs and when it comes to food the options are just endless. But the streets of Bangkok are also full of rainbow-colored cabs and tuk tuks, thousands of motorbikes that try to squeeze through busy traffic, centuries-old village homes, saffron-robed Buddhist monks that collect alms and countless street food stalls selling exotic delicacies for the tiniest of prices. It’s these contradictions that give Bangkok its rich, multifaceted personality. Carpe Diem will take you into the heart of the city and show you some hidden treasures, as well as the more famous highlights you just can’t miss out on.

Bangkok is home to so many must-sees that you can basically just step out of your hotel, take a few turns and be amazed by what you come across. The city was once called The Venice of the East  because canals crisscrossed the entire centre. Though most of them have been turned into busy roads, a few are still intact and taking a boat tour is a good way to get a glimpse of some of the most beautiful scenery Bangkok has to offer. Grab a romantic long-tail boat at the Tha Chang pier and enjoy a relaxing tour on the Chao Praya river. Must-visits also include the majestic Grand Palace and the bustling Chatuchak Weekend Market. This market, located on Phahonyothin Road just north of the city can be easily reached by sky train, and covers an area of 27 acres. More than 15.000 vendors come from every part of Thailand to sell their goods and make this market sizzling with colours, culture and enchanting aroma’s of rich cuisine.

From ancient temples to ultra modern malls and from authentic little markets to top-notch rooftop restaurants, Bangkok definitely has what it takes to entertain visitors from all over the world. The intoxicating, intriguing mix of modern and ancient makes the Thai capital a top destination. But not only the city itself is well worth to spend some time on, it’s its inhabitants that will ultimately leave you with a constant smile on your face. The language barrier may seem huge, but that never prevented anybody from loving the amicable, kind-hearted Thai. Bangkok’s residents do everything with a sense of sanuk (fun): ordering food, haggling at markets, changing money – it will usually involve a little playfulness and a genuine smile. Come to this amazing, lively metropolis with Carpe Diem and indulge yourself in the City of Angels. We bet you like to come back as soon as you leave!