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Country information Cambodia

Cambodia is one of Southeast Asia’s most stunning and diverse countries. The main tourist attraction is the breathtaking temple complex of Angkor, but those who take a little more time to delve deeper find that Cambodia has much more to offer: tropical beaches, seemingly never-ending rice fields, a bustling capital, mighty rivers, charming villages, exotic animals, majestic mountains, impenetrable jungle and – above all – a rich history.

Contemporary Cambodia is part of what was once the mighty Khmer empire, which, during the Angkorian period, ruled much of what is now Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. As a result, temple sites – some dating all the way back to the sixth century – dot the countryside. The most famous remains of the Khmer empire is now Cambodia’s national treasure: the fabled temples of Angkor, monuments that are only matched by a few select spots on earth. A sight you absolutely have to see for yourself!

But for all its natural beauty and rich heritage, Cambodia is probably still known best for its suffering at the hands of the Khmer Rouge regime, leaded by Pol Pot. Their programme of mass execution resulted in the death of a fifth of the population in the 1970s. Nowadays the scars of the horrific genocide can still be seen at certain places. Carpe Diem takes travellers who visit Phnom Penh to the Tuol Sleng museum in Phnom Penh and the Killing Fields just outside of the city, since these reminders of Cambodia’s dark side of history are a must-visits for those who really want to get to know and understand this remarkable county.

Over the past decades, Cambodia modernised without losing its authentic charm. Infrastructure has improved, old colonial buildings have been restored and the country’s long tradition of artisanship has been revived. Especially Phnom Penh has evolved into a vibrant city with great markets and shops, a gorgeous riverside promenade and a fine selection of restaurants and bars. Cambodian food is delicately flavoured and quite delicious.

But you will find that, however impressive all of its natural beauty, the real treasure of Cambodia is its people. The Khmers have struggled through years of poverty and political instability, but thanks to an unbreakable spirit and infectious optimism, they have prevailed and always kept their smiles on their faces. Every tour organised by Carpe Diem gives you more than enough time to get to know the amazing people of Cambodia and learn all about their customs, traditions and everyday life. The tour leaders that will guide you on your holiday are all local people – with excellent English speaking skills – and are therefore able to tell you passionately about their beautiful country. Visit Cambodia with Carpe Diem  and for sure you will fall madly in love with the Kingdom of Wonder!