Family Travel

Family Travel

Children love to go on adventures, so what better way to make them happy than take them to one of our beautiful destinations for the adventure of a lifetime – and at the same time have the opportunity to see the world through their eyes and be even more awed and amazed?

At Carpe Diem, we understand both the joy and the challenges of travelling with children and we know exactly how to adjust our private journeys so that they make an awesome adventure for everyone. From trekking through Laos’ lush forests on an elephant’s back, to riding a bike around the temples in Cambodia or diving into a clear blue pool: children will have no time to get bored.

Give your kids the unforgettable experience of seeing that there is more in this world than what they are used to and let Carpe Diem craft the ultimate dream holiday for the whole family to Cambodia or Laos.

Be inspired by our various Laos and Cambodia trips and ask our travel expert to create your perfect itinerary:

History & Heritage
River & Forrest
Laos Discovery
Angkor Experience
Cultural Discovery
North Eastern Explorer
Cambodia Discovery

Travel in a small group
Families are also welcome to hop along on one of our unique small group tours. Carpe Diem travels to Laos and Cambodia in small groups that consist of no more than ten travellers, making less of an impact upon the local people and environment. That allows us to really submerge in the culture of your destination: we eat local food, stay in charming smaller hotels and guesthouses, meet local people and visit places inaccessible to larger groups. This way, you’ll enjoy a truly inspiring authentic experience of local life.

Groups usually consists of people from different nationalities, with mixed interests and ages. But you will all have at least one thing in common: a shared love for travel and a healthy curiosity for new experiences and cultures. Group travel often turns out to be an amazing experience, sharing precious moments with similar minded people. You won’t be the first to make friends for life while having the trip of a lifetime!

Our group tours depart on set dates and follow set travel itinerary’s. Check out below trips if you are interested in group travel:
Cambodia group discovery – 14 days
Laos group discovery – 17 days

It’s hard to believe we’ve been here only two weeks. I’ve come to feel really at home, thanks to your well-rounded tour of the country
Ed Lehman, USA