Education is one of the most important factors in the continuing development of Cambodia – but for most young people, it is completely out of their reach.

One year of university tuition costs only $500 – not a large amount you may think. However , considering the average income of a Cambodian family is only $350, further education is just a dream for most young people. The challenge is especially tough for those from the countryside: most quality universities are in Phnom Penh, so they must also cover accommodation and living costs.

Carpe Diem have sponsored a number of promising young people through university: both directly from their own funds and through the support of clients. Can you help Cambodia to build its future too?

Each scholarship covers the full cost of tuition, books and a basic living allowance. We help each student to find part-time work in order to supplement their income and gain valuable work experience.

We personally select each student, based on their attitude, willingness to work hard, and personal circumstances.

When you choose to sponsor a Carpe Diem student, we will put you personally in touch by email so that you can learn first hand how they are doing in their studies. We will also monitor their progress and ensure that any formal reports are scanned and emailed to you.

To help in Cambodia’s development, just click on the button below, and you will be taken through to a secure website (managed by PayPal) where you can enter your credit card details and send your donation. Please note that donations to the Carpe Diem Ad Locum Project are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Thank you for your support.

When you make a donation, we will do a number of things to make sure that 100% of what you give gets to where you want it:

  • All credit card/sending bank charges are covered
  • No administration fees
  • Every £50 you send will be £50 at the project
  • We’ll oversee the spending of your donation
  • Feedback on how your contribution has helped