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Our Organisation

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Carpe Diem Travel is a not-for -profit tour operator with a strong love for Southeast Asia and its people. We offer carefully designed high quality journeys that guarantee authentic experiences. Our unique itineraries and spectacular accommodations and excursions give you an intriguing look into fascinating cultures, while giving something back to the communities you visit. We prefer a personal approach, both with our customers as with the local people we work with.  This not only benefits you with a truly authentic travel experience, but also directly benefits the communities we visit as we choose to do business with local entrepreneurs and train local guides and chauffeurs whenever possible.  A responsible way of travelling, that’s a win-win for both you and your hosts! Read more about this at Responsible Travel.

The founders of Carpe Diem, Debbie Watkins and Marc Lansu, met while working as volunteers for local organisations. Compelled by the beautiful country and its warm and sincere people, they decided they wanted to do something sustainable for Cambodia. The desire to give people a closer insight in the country and at the same time encourage the ambitions of local people ultimately lead to the founding of Carpe Diem Travel in 2001.

In 2012, Jasmijn van den Heiligenberg took over the company, after she volunteered at Carpe Diem as country manager in Cambodia for several years. She travels to Southeast Asia whenever she can for almost a decade now, and fell in love with the region the first time she set foot on Asian soil. On her first visits to Cambodia and Laos, the countries immediately stole her heart. With her tremendous loyalty, unrivalled first-hand knowledge and the philosophy she shares with the founders of Carpe Diem, Jasmijn wants to give something back to the countries Laos and Cambodia and she wants to do it through tourism. She can’t wait to help you with creating an unforgettable travel experience!

Carpe Diem encourages optimal interaction between visitor and host, to benefit them both. This requires careful management and genuine engagement to local communities. To achieve this, we create a strong local team of people we all personally know and trust. We don’t invest in big offices, but choose to spent our profits on development projects. Carpe Diem gives you the opportunity to really get to know a country, its people and its customs – so you can appreciate your destination fully.

What this means to you – You take a carefully-created journey which will enrich your visit with a true understanding of the country. The people you meet will receive direct and tangible benefits. It’s as simple as that.

  • Get a true insight in the destinations to be visited.
  • Benefit the local people and their communities