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Carpe Diem offers unique trips to some of the world’s most astonishing places, but the countries we visit are still developing. Road conditions are more often than not completely different from what you are used to at home, as goes for local food and hygiene standards in public places like busy markets. Nothing to be worried about, but to fully enjoy our handcrafted journeys, a degree of adventurism will certainly get you a long way!

Responsible travel is our identity: Carpe Diem collaborates as much as possible with local, small scale businesses, privately owned boutique hotels and local restaurants. At every destination we take the time to learn about the local customs and traditions that make each place unique. We take enough time at all the places we visit and let you experience daily life in these marvellous places on your own pace as much as we can.

Carpe Diem’s philosophy will let you benefit from clean and comfortable rooms, delicious exotic food, our undivided attention (unless you don’t want it!)  and a real insight in many aspects of these beautiful and unspoiled countries – well beyond the beaten track.

As someone who has only once before joined a ‘guided’ tour, I’ve been very pleasantly surprised – a combination of companionable people, knowledgeable local guides and more ‘smiles per hour’ than I anticipated
Ross Johnston, New Zealand