About Us


Carpe Diem provides all of our tour leaders with environmental awareness and social responsibility training, which they then share with the travellers they guide and with their local communities. We encourage them to share their ideas on how Carpe Diem operates and develops, thus building a sense of community and the feeling we value their opinion.

Because we have experience with  the countries we visit for many years, we are able to identify where assistance is most needed. We concentrate our support in areas that give each community the greatest benefit.

Social welfare
Most developing countries don’t have social support systems, and as a result many of the poorest people are left on their own. Carpe Diem supports a number of projects that provide hope and opportunites for people living on the streets.

Both Cambodia and Laos still bear the legacy of recent conflicts in the form of land mines and unexploded ordnance, which continue to kill and injure. We support both those clearing these devices, and organisations providing assistance to those who already suffered injuries.

Usually, nature pays the price for development: forest and wildlife are often the first to go when a country modernizes. Carpe Diem teams up with organisations working with endangered species, and supports community-based programs which encourage low-impact tourism to provide hunters and loggers with an alternative means of income.

Heritage and culture
Extreme poverty can cause people to think in the short-term, looting national treasures and selling tribal heirlooms in order to buy their next meal. Local cultures and traditions can also be lost in a country’s rush for development. Carpe Diem is involved with a number of organisations supporting the preservation of traditional crafts and skills, and educating local people in the importance of preserving their heritage.

A hand up, not a hand out
Due to our personal involvement with the places we visit, we have also been able to provide assistance to individuals we got to know personally and who have shown initiative and willingness to build a brighter future. Carpe Diem has sponsored a number of young local people throughout their university careers, and provided them with both emotional and professional support.

Carpe Diems journeys often include visits to some of the projects we support, helping you to get a real understanding of the country and our philosophy.

I’ve had a fantastic experience of Cambodia and really feel I had the opportunity of understanding the culture in the country
Sue Barrett, Belgium