Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel

At Carpe Diem we distinguish ourselves from other travel companies by our responsible travel philosophy. We are a not-for-profit tour operator whose only goal is to give our customers a true understanding of the country they’re visiting and at the same time generate direct and sustainable benefits for local communities. A win-win for both you as a visitor and your hosts!

We aim to provide eco-friendly holidays that have minimal negative and maximum positive impact on the places we visit. We believe giving something back is important – it’s our obligation to the beautiful places we visit and have come to value and love so dearly. Carpe Diem therefore only works with local people and local products. Where possible we book charming, privately owned boutique hotels, have lunch and dinner in traditional restaurants and work with local tour guides, whom we all pay a fair wage. Furthermore, all of our profits are reinvested into projects that help local people realise their potential and build a secure future.

Our philosophy not only benefits the communities we visit, but also gives you as a traveller a much enriched experience and the opportunity to really indulge in a culture different from your own!

What this means to you – You take a carefully-created journey which will enrich your visit with a true understanding of the country. The people you meet will receive direct and tangible benefits. It’s as simple as that.

  • Get a true insight in the destinations to be visited.
  • Benefit the local people and their communities